Little Corn Island is an unspoiled tropical island paradise where Farm Peace & Love, a private biological farm offers limited
 self-contained accommodations.


Farm Peace & Love is a private farm on the quiet, reclusive north side of Little Corn Island, Nicaragua. It sits right on a beautiful bay of white sand and is surrounded by lush tropical forest. It is just a thirty-minute walk to the village, should you wish to check out civilization.

Not a hotel as such, Farm Peace & Love is actually a hotel alternative, featuring just two quarters for visitors: a private guest suite in the east wing of the charming main house, and a quaint but fully self-sufficient private cottage nearby.

The atmosphere is relaxed and unhurried. If you want to fish, we’ll take you fishing. If you want to snorkel, we’ll take you snorkeling. If you want to lie down on the beach, we’ll… leave you alone.

The farm produces coconuts, vegetables and tropical fruits and we have a small green house nursery with aromatic herbs, ornamental and flowers plants. We produce organic coconut oil that we use to make natural soaps and other products. There are horses, chickens, cats, tortoises and dogs, very large and playful. Seriously, if you are not an animal lover, this might not be the alternative you are looking for.

This is the perfect place for people that like calmness and privacy, surrounded by wild and unspoiled natural beauty. The conditions are comfortable but not luxurious.

The Guest Suite

The guest Suite Porch

The guest Suite Porch

Located the east wing of the main house, the guest suite has its own private entrance and access to the garden and the beach.

The Cottage

The Cottage in the garden

The Cottage in the garden

Perfect for people who like tranquility and privacy, wild and unspoiled natural beauty. This is comfortable but not luxurious.

“This is without a doubt your Robinson Crusoe dream coming through with access to clean water and electricity all the time!”